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Sell Gold Earrings


There are many types of gold earrings which means their cash value can vary. Whether you have plain gold earrings or earrings with inlaid stones, we can appraise them and let you know what they may be worth.


Sell earrings without their other half

We often see orphan earrings without their mate. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself with a jewellery box full of forlorn earrings, we may be able to turn them into cash (and maybe you can buy yourself a brand new pair!)


Sell earrings with set stones

Earrings frequently have stones set into them – don’t worry about removing them. Not only is it difficult to do but you could damage your item.  With the stones intact it may even be worth more.


Sell diamond stud earrings

Many people have diamond stud earrings and often people lose one and then don’t know what to do. At Divorce your Jewellery we can either buy your gold stud earring or we can assist you in producing an exact replacement.


Sell gold brooch

Brooches were once a very popular and must-have item. You don’t see them as much any more, but they often have a high gold or silver content and can be worth quite a bit. Antique brooches can be very good quality and we have seen some exceptional examples that have resulted in a substantial instant cash payment.

Quite often brooches have inlaid stones, such as diamonds, other precious stones or even pearls. As per earrings, there is no need to remove them – we can appraise your items as is. As with appraising all our items, we need to see your items to give you an official cash offer – either visit us or utilise our PostSafe service.

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