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Sell Engagement Ring

Sell Engagement Ring

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At Divorce your Jewellery we understand that an engagement ring is a major investment. We also know from experience that for whatever reason, some of our customers may need to sell engagement ring. If you have to make the decision to sell an engagement ring we know that it’s important that you get the right price and that it’s an easy process for you.

We are Specialists

If you need to sell engagement ring, Divorce your Jewellery will provide you with a free and fair appraisal.

We are jewellers so we will expertly evaluate your engagement ring for its proper cash worth. We pay for both the diamond and precious metal value, which many of our competitors don’t do.

With Understanding

At Divorce your Jewellery we know that selling your engagement ring can be an emotional experience which is why we provide you with a no obligation offer and patiently wait for your decision. We are happy to provide advice but also understand your need for privacy.

Accurate Assessments

At Divorce your Jewellery a qualified and experienced jeweller or gemologist will correctly assess your diamond’s value. The cash value of your engagement ring will be calculated by taking into account the diamond(s) size, cut, colour and clarity as well as the precious metal value.

No Valuation Papers, No Problem

As we have qualified gemoligists on hand, it doesn’t matter if you do not have the engagement ring’s valuation papers. We can still assess your ring on its merits. We do however need to see the engagement ring you need to sell, so please either send it to us via our secure PostSafe system or visit us.

Best Place to Sell

Divorce your Jewellery has quickly become the preferred place to sell engagement rings. Many of our customers tell us it is because we make the whole process easy, are trustworthy and offer the best price.

We offer two convenient methods. Either visit us or utilise PostSafe.

Cash Paid Fast

At Divorce your Jewellery we are proud of our quick turn-around. If you use our PostSafe service all you need to do is order your pack online or call us.

We will send out your PostSafe pack the day it is ordered. If you send it back the next day with your engagement ring we will have it the day after. This means it can take as little as 3 days from order of your PostSafe pack to cash deposit.

For our in-store customers it is a very quick process as we pay instant cash. You should allow about half an hour for a valuation of your ring. In this time we will expertly appraise the engagement ring and talk you through its value. We then make our offer and if you accept there is a small amount of paper work before we can pay you in cold hard cash!

Sell Engagement Ring Sydney

If you are in Sydney you may prefer to visit us. We currently have three stores; Warringah Mall, Dee Why & Neutral Bay.

No appointment is necessary. But you can call us on 1300 GOT GOLD (1300 468 465) to let us know you are coming in.

We are open 7 days at Warringah Mall and 6 days (closed Sundays) at our Dee Why and Neutral Bay stores.

Engagement Ring remodelling

If you don’t want to sell you engagement ring we can always remodel it for you. You may be happily surprised by the range of stunning pieces we can refashion it into.

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We currently only have stores in Sydney, however please contact us if you are outside this area.

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